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We’re so happy you are considering adoption. We know there’s probably one step you may be wondering about, and that is the home study., and this is typically one of the first things our families ask about.

It’s normal to have questions about the homestudy process and maybe even feel a bit anxious. One of your first questions might be: What exactly IS a homestudy?

Home studies are required for every type of  adoption in all of the United States.  This study is a basic review of your life  thus far , even reviewing your childhood, how you might have been parented, what sorts of experience you’ve had with children thus far, even if you haven’t parented yet.  It includes, of course a tour of your home, checking to make sure it is safe for a child, references, including criminal background checks, your finances and even your personal relationships.

 It typically includes assessments of your physical and mental fitness to parent a child.   It is used by the courts to assess if a stable environment exists for a family to receive the placement of a child.

A good and thorough homestudy CAN sound a bit scary, but truly they are not. The social worker completing your homestudy assessment is not there to nitpick your housekeeping skills.  They are truly assessing safety, and fitness to parent a child.  They are a primary way of educating you about the adoption process and what to expect not only with adoption issues, but general parenting issues.  They will become one of your most trusted partners in the process. .  They help you determine what sorts of characteristics of children that you feel most equipped to parent. 

Home studies for adoption are often one of the lengthiest steps of the entire process. This is because it requires extensive reviews of important documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, which can take time for some families to locate or receive copies of from the appropriate state agency. Families are encouraged to begin the home study process as soon as possible, as this important step is required by our agency before we can begin the process of connecting your  family with an expectant mother or child. 

So! What are you to expect?

What is involved in a home study can vary somewhat, but the adoption assessment process always involves several steps and quite a bit of paperwork. Often, a home study consists of:

During this time, a family’s whole life is essentially up for review. A home study involves submitting a lot of personal information, including health and financial records. This can feel invasive at times, but it’s important to remember that this is the process that is necessary to legally adopt. If you can stay positive and flexible throughout, you will see that it is actually a process in which you also learn and grow. 

We want to put you at ease.  Your worker will work with you to help you know what exactly you will need. It’s important to know that the home study process is similar for everyone, but there will also be some unique differences depending on the circumstances of  your situation. We at Going Adoption and Surrogacy are here for you every step of the way.  You won’t be alone.  Most of us at Going Adoption have been through the process and want you to feel supported. 


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