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Tailored advice and support

Everyone’s journey and situation are unique and varied. With over 70 + years combined in social services and social work, our team is skilled at assessing and helping you identify your needs and strengths. With all that experience comes a multitude of resources and connections to support your journey. We believe in being a small agency so that all our work is hands on. Because we are Adoptive moms, Adoptees well as Adoption professionals we live what we do every day and can relate no matter what the circumstances.

Flexibility to serve you better service

Going Adoption and Surrogacy is a 24/7 agency because we know life doesn’t wait! Whether it's crisis conversations with Birth Parents or zoom with families to talk more about our agency and your process we are here. The Covid Pandemic has taught us that we can work from anywhere at any time. This past year we used these reasons to relocate from a high rise, formal office to a location true to the heartbeat of our community, surrounded by a full community center and multiple grassroots resources. We truly live and love what we do!

Getting Started

Call us, or write us to connect with us.  We will set up a meeting with you, either via Zoom, or in person to answer any questions and to send you an application to begin. Once we have contracted to work together, with the program that best fits your needs, we will walk you through the steps both on your end, as well as our end.

Adoption & Surrogacy
Frequently Asked Questions

The process varies for everyone.  In many ways it can be dependent on the characteristics of a child you feel best fits your family.  Our average waiting time, once the homestudy is completed, tends to be less than a year.  Understand we can make no guarantees of a specific time frame.

We know you have a lot of choices. We are so glad you are considering us.  We like to think that we are different, but in a good way! We are a small and passionate agency.  All employees have been in some way personally touched by adoption or surrogacy.  We live what we do.  We are professional, strength-based, but personal.  All of our services are personalized to our clients needs.  We take extra time to answer any questions throughout the process and are easily reached 24/7.  

This is an agreement between the biological and adoptive parents which occurs during the match process, in which they decide on levels of communication or sharing of information as the child grows.  We work with all parties to have a full understanding of the value of openness and are there to support the agreement.

These are legal expenses in the state of Florida which are reviewed by the court.  These are funds that help support the birth mother with living expenses during the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth.  They typically could be assistance with rent/housing, utilities, basic living needs.

Yes we do, as the  fathers could request. We are there for them to provide emotional support and referral to community supports as they would benefit from.

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