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Why Become A Gestational Surrogate?

This video show how ttruly selfless the choice to help another family grow can be.

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We are incredibly excited to assist you with your family building journey. We pride ourselves on developing close working relationships with our clients and helping navigate this often-complicated path. For those of you who are just starting out and are not sure which family building option is best for your family, we recommend a general family planning consultation. The cost is $350.00 and runs about 1½ to 2 hours. This fee would be attributed to any future services. For those of you who are ready to actively take steps to build your family, we have a Full-Service Package (we match you with our surrogate) or Independent Match Support (you have already matched with your Surrogate) to meet your and your surrogate’s needs.

Full Service Package

(range depends on how many appointments we attend and coordinate)

If you are ready to start on your surrogacy journey and want a complete package where we walk you through every step of the process, this is your best option. We provide the surrogate options, match you, coordinate with your clinic, donor agency, and surrogate throughout the match and up through closure of escrow and completion of your surrogacy journey.

Some of the items, but not all we can assist you with:

Initial Assessment, Screening and Clearances of Surrogate

Match with Surrogate

Psychological clearances

Medical clearances

Legal clearances

Lawyer Referrals

Escrow assistance

Travel navigation

Support services referrals (doulas, massage, nutritional support)

Medical appointments

Start of medications

Embryo Transfer

Hospital Navigation and plan

Birth plan with surrogate

6 weeks post-partum support

Individualized Plans

Basic Match

Our job is to provide a connection with a surrogate and your job is to handle the rest. Now, if you get  stuck along the way, you can add on other services or pay by the hour as you need. This is for our adventurous or experienced families who don’t need hand holding. We provide our basic application and  screening for the surrogate, but you will be coordinating the psychological, medical and legal clearances.

Full Match without continued monitoring

Our job is to help you get matched, through psychological, medical and legal clearances and then you take  over to coordinate all of your medical appointments, including start of meds, embryo transfer and beyond.  This is for those who have developed a solid relationship with your surrogate and both of you don’t want  or need continued assistance (although you could add more by the hour later if need be.)

Full Match with continued periodic support

(range depends on how many appointments we attend and coordinate)

We provide the surrogate options, match you, coordinate with your clinic (including helping you choose a  clinic), donor agency, and surrogate throughout the match and up through release from the Reproductive  Endocrinologist. However, we do not guarantee to attend any appointments with your or your surrogate.

Independent Match Support

(range depends on how many appointments we attend and coordinate)

You have matched with a surrogate on your own, but want us to do our personalized assessment, coordinate with your clinic, donor agency, and surrogate during the match through 6 weeks post-partum to ensure a smooth journey. Basically, our job is to help you understand and provide support on your journey and to attend some appointments and birth.

Getting Started

As with all of our programs, it starts with a simple phone call, email or text.  We will set up a meeting via Zoom or in person to answer all of your questions and to start you with the application process if you decide to move forward.  We work with each party in the Surrogacy program on an individualized basis, whether you are gestational carrier or an intended parent.  Do not hesitate to call with any questions, but  see below in our FAQ’s for some answers to commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us and we will set up a time to talk confidentially.  Essentially you start by completing a questionnaire with us and an assessment.  We are usually able to tell in a short time if you are a possible candidate.

This is actually a pretty common scenario, and we help you to work through the process as we can help you work through the assessment process to see if this is a possible “independent match”.

There are typically more medical costs, testing costs, legal costs and support costs involved in a completed surrogacy. We ensure everyone is legally protected to the best of our ability, and work with experienced surrogacy competent attorneys and medical specialists.


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