Intended Parents
through Surrogacy

Intended Parents
Through Surrogacy

Intended Parents seek surrogacy  for a variety of reasons, so whether you are a couple or individual who has struggled with infertility issues, costly medical interventions, or are unable to carry children biologically, Family Blooms can help you on your journey.  We work with surrogates based primarily in Florida, where the statutory  law on gestational surrogacy is  clear. We work with many clinics, egg donor agencies, attorneys and gestational carriers and are committed to helping you find the right match for your family.  We help our clients navigate the ups and downs that can come with building a family through surrogacy and we can help create an individualized plan for you based upon how much you and your surrogate need or want from .    

What We Believe

We Believe in the Miracle of Matches! What does that mean? Well, simply that there should be something special between you and the Intended Parents that help you all feel connected and supported throughout your surrogacy journey. We pride ourselves on helping you find your match.

Why Become A Gestational Surrogate?

This video show how ttruly selfless the choice to help another family grow can be.

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