The Child Welfare Navigator Program

Getting Started

A simple phone call, email or text will prompt us to set up a meeting with you, either in person or via Zoom to answer any questions and to describe the program in detail.  This program is also individually tailored to our prospective adoptive parents’ needs dependent on which state they live in, as well as where they may be in their home study process, whether just at the beginning, or having an already completed study.  There is a brief application process and once that is completed, we are ready to begin helping you to build your family through adoption from foster care. 

If the family does not already have an approved home study from their state of residence, obtaining an approved Adoptive home study is where all families begin. We will help you attain a qualified licensed Home Study Provider, which we are licensed to do, but often we really enjoy partnering with other professionals to provide layers of insight and education for our families.

Once we have that signed and approved home study, we begin a nationwide search on behalf of the prospective adoptive family for a child/children that meet the parameters of what the family is approved to adopt.

We make all of the connections with the child/children’s case managers and advocate for our family as a potential match for the child/children

We also connect the adoptive family with community partners and agencies to help facilitate the legal placement and adoption of matched child/children.

During this ongoing process the family will have tasks as will we, and we will work closely to navigate the barriers presented by the Child Welfare System.

Once a match has been made, we will assist in advocating for full disclosure ,help the family to review the full disclosure documentation with a trauma focused lens, and assist with the family's assessment of fittedness of a child/child for their family. This will be based on a strengths/needs approach.

After placement, we provide ongoing support, and are available to contract for post placement visits until the adoption is finalized.


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