Asked Questions

There are absolutely no costs by our agency for birthparents.

We will work with you to help you secure housing through community resources.  We offer help with living and medical expenses. We can assess other options depending on your specific needs.

We will talk with you and assess your circumstances, beyond that we work with an experienced attorney who can help guide that process to adoption.

We will work with you to make sure his  as well as your legal rights are observed. We always want to do the right thing, but your safety and that of your child is always a priority.

We know this can be a scary thought, but it’s always important to be open and honest.  We provide confidential and non-judgmental services to you at all times.  

It’s not too late!   Our focus is on you and your present needs.  We can help you to have a choice about a potential adoption plan for this pregnancy if you so choose without the involvement of DCF. If you make an adoption plan, you have choices of the family you wish to place the child with and the amount of openness throughout your child’s growing up years. 

We can assess your situation completely and if deemed appropriate, ethically and legally can intervene to proceed with a private adoption

We work with our birth mothers wherever they are in the state of Florida.  If you are reading this, and are a resident of the State of Florida we can be your direct agency.

Unfortunately we cannot work with people who are not a resident or residing of/in United States.  If you live in another state , we CAN however link you with a partner agency, and you can still match with one of our families.


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