LGBTQIA Adoption

We are proud to be  an inclusive agency and personally consider it an honor to be your Adoption and Surrogacy Partner.

Are you a Gay or Lesbian couple hoping to create your family?

Are you a Gay or Lesbian couple
hoping to create your family?

Going Adoption and Surrogacy was founded as an inclusive agency ,committed to helping create healthy sustainable families. We believe same sex couples should have a barrier free experience to form the family they have dreamed about . As adoptive families ourselves we have diverse families and take seriously our passion regarding LGBTQIA families. Not only are LGBTQIA families welcomed at Going Adoption and Surrogacy, they are supported and safe. We believe in building relationships through

What are the advantages to being an LGBTQIA family hoping to Adopt ?

Going Adoption and Surrogacy believes that birth parents should always have a diverse  selection of prospective families  and the choices as to how they envision seeing their child raised. Being inclusive helps us  support our birth parents choices too.

Often Birth parents will choose an LGBTQIA family because they see strengths unique to LGBTQIA families. Birth mothers who wish for their child to grow up in an open minded, motivated and resilient family will often select an LGBTQIA family because they feel no matter what challenges their child might have, the commitment level with LGBTQIA families is strong. Birth mothers  may like the proven stability of LGBTQIA families and their ability to think outside the box.

Adoptions from the child welfare system can have many barriers and more so for LGBTQIA families. With over 70+ years of experience in adoption including system adoption, as well as being adoptive parents from both domestic and foster ourselves makes us the perfect agency to work with if you are adopting through the foster care system.

Surrogacy has proven an incredible choice for many LGBTQIA families and we would love to talk to anyone considering being an intended parent  regarding our program and our process. We work with intended parents from all over the world.

Most of all we believe in the strength and magic in adoption and surrogacy  is in the Miracle of  Match and we are match experts!

LGBTQIA adoption is the adoption of children by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBTQIA) persons. This may be in any of the following forms:

When a same-sex couple, married or unmarried, jointly adopts a child.

When one partner of a same-sex couple, married or unmarried, adopts the other partner’s biological or adopted child.

When one partner of a married same-sex couple adopts the other partner’s biological or adopted child.

When a single LGBT person adopts a child.

LGBTQIA Adoption Process

Step 01 Contact Us

Step 01

Contact Us

We are easily reachable through telephone, website , and email . We are a 24/7 agency and are excited to hear from you.

Step 02 Safe and Affirmed

Step 02

Safe and Affirmed

We are committed to ensuring every aspect of our agency is supportive and affirming to all diversity of families . Our own families reflect the diversities of the families we serve.

LGBTQIA Adoption
Frequently Asked Questions

We have placed babies with LGBTQIA  families – both single and couples-that were specifically chosen by our birth mothers as the families that they wanted to see their children raised in.

We are happy to work with single parent families, OR married couples .  

We do consider ourselves to be competent with most diversities. Our personal families reflect many diversities including LGBTQIA- and we are proud of our ongoing efforts and dedication to growth and competence.


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