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We know you have a lot of choices. We are so glad you are considering us.  We like to think that we are different, but in a good way! We are a small and passionate agency.  All employees have been in some way personally touched by adoption or surrogacy.  We live what we do.  We are professional, strength-based, but personal.  All of our services are personalized to our clients needs.  We take extra time to answer any questions throughout the process and are easily reached 24/7.  

The process varies for everyone.  In many ways it can be dependent on the characteristics of a child you feel best fits your family.  Our average waiting time, once the homestudy is completed, tends to be less than a year.  Understand we can make no guarantees of a specific time frame.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive agency. We work with all family types, from single, to married, to LGBTQ families. We work with families of different ages , strengths and lifestyles.  Because children are uniquely different, so are our families!  The primary qualification  which is determined by the homestudy process is safety of family home and healthy family dynamics.  We serve families all over the United States and have no religious belief requirements.

This is an agreement between the biological and adoptive parents which occurs during the match process, in which they decide on levels of communication or sharing of information as the child grows.  We work with all parties to have a full understanding of the value of openness and are there to support the agreement.

These are legal expenses in the state of Florida which are reviewed by the court.  These are funds that help support the birth mother with living expenses during the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth.  They typically could be assistance with rent/housing, utilities, basic living needs.

Although this can happen at any time, typically it occurs a few days following the birth once the mom is medically cleared and emotionally ready.

From the very first contact, our birthmothers know we care for them on a personal level.  We want to support them in making the decision that is right for their baby and themselves.  We assist with emotional and physical support.  We provide hands on connections to their community supports which can serve them ongoing.  Our birth mothers often comment that they feel like they are a part of our family and feel involved and empowered. We are there to provide emotional support even beyond the required 6 weeks after placement if that is their choice.

Yes we do, as the  fathers could request. We are there for them to provide emotional support and referral to community supports as they would benefit from.

We understand this can be a costly process for many families.  We are here to help you with many ideas for helping for creatively fund your adoption.

We are required by statute to work with birth mothers up to 6 weeks beyond placement as they would request.  We definitely provide emotional support and resource referral well beyond that.  We operate  under the motto, “Once a client, always a client” and we will never turn someone away who is looking for emotional support.  This also applies to our adoption and navigator families.  We have a vast experience and knowledge and provide ongoing emotional support, well beyond the legal adoption process.

We believe in connections to the community and have formed strong relationships through our years of serving children and families.  Ultimately, we have 24/7 access to our agency through phone, email or text and online.  We pride ourselves at going into our community, sometimes into hard places where the need can be great.

We are a licensed child placing agency in the state of Florida, which by nature, put us under close scrutiny of the Florida Department of Children and Families.  Aside from that,  our director is a licensed clinical social worker and held to strict code of ethics through that licensing.  We do advanced training in ethics every year and pride ourselves on our integrity and values  in meeting our client’s needs

In the State of Florida, adoption consents are typically irrevocable, unless fraud, coercion or some other duress can be proven.  Court appointed reporters are present at all consent proceedings as well as notary and witness.  Due to our strength based and integrity based work with our birth and adoptive families, we are clear and open with all choices and accept our clients decisions with respect.

We know that families can sometimes struggle with the questions that they may be asked by their children, and always want to say the “right thing”.  Again, we are here to work with you at EVERY stage of your child’s adoptive identity development, and even run weekly support groups for adoptive parents year round to help them answer these and many other questions.


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